Ocsar Romp - Projects

These are general headings for Oscar’s body of work. He has his own website: www.oscarromp.force9.co.uk


Oscar says, “I have a passion for jazz, blues and soul-steeped music. I am interested in the inter-active ways with which people express themselves and share their love of music through ‘Club Culture’, especially through ‘Club Dance’. I have become a well-known visitor to the dance clubs that represent the various ‘music scenes’. I make these large drawings ‘live’, on site. The act of drawing dovetails with my own dancing during the event. I would deny that my work is ‘voyeuristic’. It is through dancing and drawing that I am able to express and re-experience my love of life: my simple excitement at being alive (set against an infinite and seemingly indifferent universe). In making these drawings, I see that each one of us is a miracle. If gods, ghosts and spirits exist at all, it is in the hearts of us, the living and not aloof, ‘upstairs’ in a heavenly cloud”.


Oscar’s portraits, more often than not, are full-length renderings of his fellow dancers in movement. Others are of people he met whilst artist-in-residence at various caring organisations.


His career as a mural painter commenced with a huge, double gable-end in Hartlepool 1992. Subsequently, most of this work has been for hospitals and charities.


Oscar continues his contribution to the evolving ‘Arts for Health’ movement. He has been artist-in-residence or carried out commissions for: King’s College Hospital, London; The Sussex Beacon; The East London AIDS Network and Frimley Park Hospital, Hampshire.


Oscar often works in chalk pastels. He has produced ‘peopled landscapes’ and ‘city-scapes’ around England, France and Austria, especially in London, Brighton, Anjou and Vienna.


He studied printmaking at the Royal College of Art and has subsequently produced various editions of etchings and lithographs. The subject matter spans from club dance, life on the road, to the urban scene at night.

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