Pauline Farrington - projects

These are general headings covering a lifetime’s work. The themes, in fact, inter-mingle in many of the works.


Along with conventional self-portraiture, Pauline has, throughout her life, chosen to illustrate psychological parts of herself. These might be in conflict with each other, yet essential to who she is.


She likes drawing her immediate environment: interiors, exteriors and a mixture of both. She was in Berlin when the Wall was being built in 1960. This is one of the more public places and events that she felt an immediate need to commemorate.


Pauline aims to catch the essence of a sitter. She especially enjoys drawing members of the family. She also uses stories and themes from the common heritage as starting points to investigate the human situation.


A lover of pattern for its own sake, she works spontaneously juxtaposing fragments of cloth, seeking to use colour combinations to dynamic effect. She aims to produce works, which are more than the merely decorative.


In more recent years, Pauline has been working in clay, which is then kiln-fired. She often begins in an informal, intuitive way, from a notion or idea. This may be developed into quite a complex composite consisting of units that can be juxtaposed at will. Her subject matter is usually similar to that pursued in earlier paintings and drawings.

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